Vacation Rental Scam Artist Report


Since I do vacation rentals, I receive calls from many people who have been scammed on the internet. I figured I’d start making a list of the people, guests,hosts,vacation renters, emails, ebay sellers, etc.  I am now going to start posting. The list isn’t exempt from scammers that do vacation rentals. The list also includes renters who have attempted to ripoff & scam me.

Scam/ripoff Guests: Do not rent to these people list:
James Abel, used an online service airbnb to make same day reservations for 3 nights. Apparently used fraudulent credit/debit card info, which can’t be detected same day, with airbnb. It was detected the next day after Mr Abel checked in by airbnb. It was to late and host has no recourse once a person checks in. He used this phone number for his scam. 626-399-6025

Jakarrea Mustaf, from Conyer’s, Georgia/Atlanta area, used this phone number: 678-823-0614, 470-377-6843. 678 823 0614 or 470 377 6843. Rented in New Orleans, claims they checked out because Avenue Plaza Resort, something was wrong. No phone call, no text, no email, but claims to have done all 3. Changed number to 470 area code, then 3 weeks later tells me there was a problem and charged back on credit card. As it turns out, the valet parking was charged back and anything charged during the stay was charged back.

Scam/ripoff vacation rentals:

Disney, Universal, Six Flags Scam. I did try the cheap tickets they offered where you buy a prepaid vanilla reload card and it’s a scam. You supposedly go to CVC, Walgreens, Walmart, 7 eleven, where this vanilla reload scratch off card is sold, then give them the code on the back so they can receive money. Any of the scratch off cards actually work for their scam. Once you give them the code, they are suppose to send you an email, supposedly from Disney/Universal/Six Flags with your e-ticket and/or code of some sort. All sounding official.. I spoke with Jason, from an office in Los Angeles. I also spoke with a David earlier in the day who also does this same similar scam setup. The phone number as of 11/19/14 for them is 516 670 5095 for Jason, the scammers phone number and 407 535 1806 is for David the scammers phone number.

I attempted to get 3 Disney hopper passes for $255 total price which would be an awesome deal with the Vanilla Reload promotion…

Just letting everyone know, they do all Disney parks in the USA, Universal and some six flags scams..

Next Scam:

Southern California ad on craigslist, this is the email the person received from this ripoff artist, who wanted payment via moneygram/western union. When after 3-4 days requesting a phone call, the caller didn’t speak very good english, nor wanted to really discuss rental. This rental when googled showed the real person was also renting the unit in Laguna Beach and she acknowledged the listing was not her’s(on craigslist), that this indeed was from a vacation rental scam artist.  I posted the correspondence from the scam artist below. This email was sent to the person who was already ripped off by paying a $300 deposit via moneygram.

Hello ,
Yes the unit is still available for your chosen dates,  (August 3rd – 13th) Everything is professionally cleaned and prepared, located in a good area, on a most desirable residential. There are NO questions that these are the BEST prices available! Come spend your vacation with us at our gorgeous place! Take a look at this Awesome Deal, This package has everything you want and need for a memorable getaway! The most unique thing is the location. You will not be disappointed if you rent this home! Walking distance to the premier location for shopping and dining. We offer free parking to guests and are within easy walking distance. Unit features two bedrooms with two full baths, washer and dryer, kitchen is fully equipped, internet and Cable TV. Below is the quotes for the cost of nights you intend to stay.
520 Cliff Dr #301, Laguna Beach, CA 92651
$130    (Per Night)
$1300    (10 Nights)
No. Rooms:
bedroom and 2 bathroom
                         Modification Details
                            1. 2 bedroom, 2 bath
                          2. Is a private unit and not shared
                          3. Full kitchen and lots of different small appliances
                          4. lots of Entertainment with DVD players, stereo systems and game systems
                          5. Cleaning fee waived, no resort fees,
                          6. Parking, air condition, high speed internet access included
* A 50% of the total cost and a refundable security fee of $200 is required to enable us hold the 2 bedroom unit for you. Rent with an agent who will represent only you throughout your stay,  keeping your best interest in mind throughout the entire process! Rent With Us For Less. Save money when you book your vacation home with us. Refer a friend and receive a free gas card for your next trip or how about saving 10% on your next stay with us. We genuinely hope you have a good stay here. We shall send you the booking and agreement form and all the details needed as soon as i have your reply to know you are interested. We will hold reservation requests for 48 hours from the time of the request afterward it will be first come first served-so book and confirm with deposit payment as soon as possibleFeel free to text me on (816) 343-4687) if i am not available to pick your call and i will get back immediately. I will like you to get back to me if you will be coming with your pets so i can make a preparation for your pets and also let me know how many cars you will be coming with cause we only offers 2 free parking space. Any additional car will attract charges. I await you reply

Ebay Sellers/Ripoff List

timesharemommy29 – purchased a timeshare Alpine Crest was to include week #40 2013 week. Once transferred, no 2013 week provided and found out this was an RCI points ownership. So there never was a 2013 week available for use as auction stated. After transfer, now 2013 week is supposedly a courtesy week, but the auction was clear and all contract paperwork said clearly 2013 week of use and 2013 maintenenance fees paid. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS SELLER!

luky987, selltimesharesorg – sellers on ebay are fair enough, but they use unsafe closing agents to handle transfers of ownership Pacific Property Transfer aka Pacific Trust aka Pacific Transfer is based in Southern California. 5-10 transfers were never done, the sellers know nothing about the transfer process. No communications from Pacific transfer about closings that start 10 months to a year ago. $250 Gift Cards promised for buying on Ebay aren’t being issued as agreed to with auction listings.  Due to these sellers using unsafe closing agents, I had to place them on the DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE SELLERS LIST.

Update: In Less Closings, maybe same company at Pacific Properties or agents.